Something About a Fresh Start

There is something about a fresh start.   A clean slate so to speak — an opportunity to start again.  Here is to new beginnings.

Last night my sister and nephew joined us for dinner and games.  We made quesadillas with mushrooms, chicken, bacon, veggies and cheese.   We also chowed down on homemade chocolate chip cookies and candy.  My sister bought a bag of gummy fruit slices and I ate so many that I lost count.

This morning I had a food hangover.  And, chips and salsa and some leftover cookie dough was my hair of the dog. But it’s only 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  The day is not over yet and I’m too old to throw in the towel.  I’ve dropped that perfection mentality years ago.  Just because I ate some junk doesn’t mean it’s over.  It’s funny how ingrained habits can be and the powerful need to consume fat and salt.  I ate the chips and salsa half-awake, half-thinking.

Yesterday I ran/walked 9.5 miles with friends.  We run for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds.  Repeat until finished.  Tomorrow I’m doing the same for 6 miles.

Today’s weight:  213.8

Happy New Year!