Something About a Fresh Start

There is something about a fresh start.   A clean slate so to speak — an opportunity to start again.  Here is to new beginnings.

Last night my sister and nephew joined us for dinner and games.  We made quesadillas with mushrooms, chicken, bacon, veggies and cheese.   We also chowed down on homemade chocolate chip cookies and candy.  My sister bought a bag of gummy fruit slices and I ate so many that I lost count.

This morning I had a food hangover.  And, chips and salsa and some leftover cookie dough was my hair of the dog. But it’s only 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  The day is not over yet and I’m too old to throw in the towel.  I’ve dropped that perfection mentality years ago.  Just because I ate some junk doesn’t mean it’s over.  It’s funny how ingrained habits can be and the powerful need to consume fat and salt.  I ate the chips and salsa half-awake, half-thinking.

Yesterday I ran/walked 9.5 miles with friends.  We run for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds.  Repeat until finished.  Tomorrow I’m doing the same for 6 miles.

Today’s weight:  213.8

Happy New Year!




Almost the New Year.

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  I’m the same weight — 215 pounds.  I have been running on Saturdays only.   I’ve been on vacation this week and it has been so nice to watch movies and relax.  Yesterday I saw the new Star Wars in the theater.

I’ve been pretty sedentary during the week.  Today I went on a 9-mile bike ride around town with my family.  It was fun and got the endorphins going. I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions but I feel inspired to make some this year.  My goals for 2016:

  1. Stay active – train for races, run with friends, join Galloway for 2016.
  2. Mind my own business.  (Do not involve myself in unhealthy extended family dramas).
  3. Be kinder to my family and friends — Especially my immediate family who I tend to snap at at times and lose patience.
  4. Refrain from gossip.
  5. Read more books.
  6. Plant more flowers.
  7. Spend more time with friends.
  8. Plan more date nights with husband.
  9. Try new recipes.
  10. Redo some rooms in the house and organize closets.
  11. Complain less. Appreciate more.
  12. Lose 40 pounds by counting calories on MyFitnessPal and focusing on good nutrition.

In the midst of some extended family turmoil (I have a close family member with substance abuse, and I have involved myself in an unhealthy situation.) I am very optimistic for 2016.  I know that I can open my door or close my door whenever I need to.  I can create healthy boundaries.  I  can be mindful and I have choices.  I know that I have the power to create my own life and can leave the drama behind.  I am so incredibly thankful for my husband who is calm and steadfast and sees the big picture. My children are wonderful. I have many great friends.  I have so much to be thankful for.

Day 2, December 1st

Despite not running or exercising,  today had some positive notes.

Weight:  215.6

Breakfast:  coffee with half and half, vanilla yogurt with blueberries and granola

Lunch:  tortila chips, salsa

Dinner:  spaghetti with meat sauce, caesar salad

Positives:  Did not overeat, cleaned house, strung lights on Christmas tree

Negatives:  Not enough fruits and veggies, poor lunch choice,  and did not run or exercise today.  Stayed up late with Tony and slept in today.  Tomorrow is a full day — work plus kid stuff after work.  I will make effort to run or do some sort of exercise tomorrow evening.

Day 1, November 30th

Today was not a maximum effort day.  I did try to eat lower carb and consume less junk.  I would call it a success.  Last night I ran approxiamately 2 miles.  Today I did not exercise.

Today’s weight:  216.2

Breakfast:  Coffee, diet coke, no food.

Lunch:  Tilapia on Asian slaw, one flour tortilla, Dr. Pepper

Dinner:  Two beef tacos (homemade), yellow rice, refried black beans

Snack:  2 fried eggs, 2 pcs toast, butter, tortilla chips

Ugh, forgot about that “snack” after work.  I was hungry and skipping breakfast was probably the culprit.

Goals for tomorrow:  Run/walk 3 miles, eat 4 servings fruits and vegetables, stay under 1800 calories, drink at least 3 glasses water.

An Introduction

Hello, I’m Lori.  I’m a mom of two wonderful boys, a wife, a nurse by trade, and a runner who has been slacking in the nutrition and training department.

I have been running consistently for about three years, with some breaks.   I have run dozens of 5ks, a couple 10ks, and four half-marathons.  My first half-marathon time was my fastest time.  Over the years I have gotten progressively slower because I have gotten progressively heavier.  There are a few reasons for my weight gain:  Sporadic running,  consuming too many calories, eating junk calories, and not enough cross training.  The most important factor being consuming too many calories.  In my first year of running, I did not take walk breaks.  For the last two years I have used the Jeff Galloway method of taking walk breaks.  You can read more about the Run Walk Method here.  I’m really a jogger/walker but for the sake of simplicity, I call myself a runner.

I  have never been a skinny runner.  Three years ago I weighed around 180 pounds and ran my first and fastest half-marathon.  My time was 2:35.  I’m 5’10”, 43-years old, and currently weigh around 213 lbs.  180 pounds is not thin but I felt good at this weight.  I felt fit and comfortable in my clothes. I felt strong.  My most recent half-marathon was in North Carolina, on hilly terrain, (I live and train in Florida where it’s flat) and my time was 3:01.  My friends called it hilly, I called it mountainous.

The days of beating myself up over gaining weight and sporadic exercising are over.  In my youth, I was much harder on myself.  With time, I have developed more self-acceptance and self-compassion.  I know that it is possible to lose the weight I have gained and I know it is possible to be more consistent with my training.   I am not ashamed that I have gained weight and I do not hate the way I look.  It just happened.  This summer I fell into a big rut and ate more and ran less.   I’m a little uncomfortable but I’m not miserable.  I feel free and motivated to reach my goals!

I have two (flat course) half-marathons coming up in February.  My goal is to lose 16 lbs by February 7, which is my first half-marathon of the winter season.  It is my intention to document my weight loss and running adventures on this blog.  Thank you for reading.